“If you want happiness for a lifetime,
love your work.”
Chinese proverb

My passion is the training of skilled and executive personnel, of unskilled workers and apprentices. As a result of my long years of experience in human resource development, I am aware of the vital significance of well-trained employees for counteracting skills shortage and making sure that a company stays fit for the future.

I take much pleasure in imparting knowledge and ensuring that the training participants start having fun at work again, and motivating them with a lasting effect in this spirit. My approach to training is characterized by mutual respect and appreciation. Since I have highly developed emphatic qualities and the trainings are based on a wide variety of cooperative teaching methods, I succeed in engaging the interest of all participants of a training and in activating all types of learners.



  • Trained hotel manageress
  • Certified hospitality manager graduated from Heidelberg College of Hotel Management with the main areas human resource management and employment law
  • Human resources assistant certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, with instructor qualification
  • Advanced business trainer & coach (competence on top)
  • Certified trainer (dvct – German Coaching and Training Association)
  • Certified Coach (dvct- German Coaching and Training Association)
  • Certified DISG® Trainer

Certifications (competence on top):

  • Certified business mediator
  • Certified business facilitator
  • Certified team developer and team coach
  • Certified systemic coach – Advanced level
  • Certified behavioral trainer
  • Certified Business Facilitator

Professional experience:

  • Many years of experience working as a human resources manager and training instructor for Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts
  • Many years of experience as part of the learning & development team Europe of Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts, developing and imparting of training contents
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