"If you don't know where you're going,
you might wind up someplace else.”
Mark Twain

Did you ever think about how nice it would be if there were trainings specifically tailored to you and your team? Without generalization? For everyone on the team? For executive personnel, unskilled workers or apprentices?

dvct trainerAs a certified trainer, I offer you cross-industry, customized trainings in German and English, for example in the following areas:


  • Appreciative communication with clients, guests and co-workers
  • Conducting purposeful and motivating performance reviews


  • Confident and professional presentations
  • Configured with a wide variety of media


  • Appreciative facilitation of meetings and workshops
  • Goal orientation based on a wide variety of methods

Specialized trainings in the hotel business and the catering trade

  • Be happy with your guests
  • Establishing a welcoming culture

Behavior modifications

  • Appreciative interaction
  • Understanding in intercultural interactionDiSG Certified Trainer Blue

Leadership trainings

  • personal, social and skilled competency

In order to achieve the greatest possible transfer of knowledge, all the trainings conceived by me have a practical orientation, are authentic and playful, and are always based on cooperative teaching methods. Each participant is actively included, the opinion of each participant counts, and they learn how to put things into practice.

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